How Are Incense Made

The process of making incense would depend on what kind and fragrance you want to do. Of course, when making your own incense, you need to take the natural approach. In the natural approach, you must first determine which type of incense you want to make. If it’s combustible incense, then you need to look for a material that can be lit with a flame. But if it’s non-combustible incense, you only need to mix the fragrance.There two styles of burning that you can do for the non-combustible burning: charcoal and makko. For the charcoal style, a bamboo charcoal is lit and buried in the center of an ash-filled bowl. As for makko, the piece of wood is lit, and it will release the aroma.You may want to check out here for more.

Most people mix their own perfume or oil essentials depending on their preference. They mix denatured alcohol into it so that it can easily burn later. Once the mix is complete, they will dip a blank stick into it and light it with fire. These are only some of the ways that incense is made. There are some commercially-made products that you can consider.